Regular Runners

Experienced Runners Training Programme

This programme has been specially put together by fitness experts, nutritionists and other marathon experts to provide experienced runners with a training schedule that begins in September and builds up over the four months leading up to Race Day!

145 mins steady runRestSpeed Play, ideally off-roadRest60 mins easyRest80 mins steady pace
245 mins easyRest3 x 8-10 mins hard, 3 mins recovery between efforts, with warm-up and cool downEasy 25 mins jog50 mins steady paceRest90 mins
330 mins easy50 mins hilly circuit with efforts on hillsRest60 mins steady35 mins easyRest100-110 mins taken very easy
4Rest35 mins steady3 x 8-10 mins hard, 3 mins recovery between efforts, with warm-up and cool down35 mins jog50 mins steadyRest50 mins fast pace
525 mins recovery jog45 mins steady60 mins off-road and hilly Speed Play sessionRest45 mins easyRest120 mins slow
624 mins jog45 mins steadyAlternate 3 min hard bursts with 3 min of easy joggingRest60 mins comfortable paceRest120-130 mins slow
725 mins very easy45 mins steady60 mins Speed Play with long duration effortsRest50 mins steady25 mins easy jog90 mins good pace with long warm-up and cool-down
8Rest45 mins steadyRest45 mins steadyRest20 mins very slow jogHalf marathon race
9Rest45 mins easy4 x 8-10 mins hard, 2.5 mins recovery between efforts45 mins easy70 mins at race paceRest145 mins
1025 mins jog recovery45 mins steadyRest75 mins off-road Speed Play45 mins easyRest160 mins taken easy
11Rest50 mins steady2 x 15 mins hard, 4 mins recovery between efforts45 mins steady25 mins easy jogRest180 mins slow
12Rest45 mins steady50 mins relaxed Speed Play45 mins steady25 mins easy jog20 mins easy jog10k race
1325 mins easy recovery45 mins steady4 x 15 mins hard, 2.5 mins recovery between efforts35 mins slow50 mins steadyRest200 mins slow
14Rest50 mins steady60 mins easy Speed Play35 mins jog45 mins at marathon race paceRest130 mins steady
155 mins easy off-roadEasy 25 min jog or rest35 mins brisk pace + warm-up and cool-down45 mins steadyRest25 mins easy50 mins steady
165 mins easy off-roadWarm-up, 10 mins at race pace, cool-down30 mins very easyRest or 25 mins easyRest15 mins very, very easy jogRACE DAY

Speed Play Training involves changing the speed at which you run throughout your training session.
Super Slow Really, really slow, so slow it hardly seems worth putting your kit on.
Easy Jog No pressure, just loosening up or a recovery run.
Slow Still a slow pace but a little faster than an ‘easy jog’.
Comfortable You can chat easily to your training partner and keep the pace consistent.
Steady Even-paced run where you can chat in short sentences.
Brisk Slightly breathless, not easy to hold any conversation with your training partner.
Hard You certainly know you’re working, conversation is definitely out.
W/U Warm up.
W/D Warm down.

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