Andualem Belay Shiferaw

As with a number of elite competitors returning to run the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, Andualem Shiferaw’s made a breakthrough in the event in Dubai.

In 2015 he ran 2:09:56 for tenth place, breaking 2:10 for the first time following his debutant year at the event in 2013 when his first effort earned him 2:17:17 for eighth in Seville.

In keeping with a number of East African runners, he has raced with success in China, winning in Xichang in 2018. Last year provided another breakthrough as Shiferaw chopped over three minutes off his best in Dubai four years previously and won another title into the bargain with his 2:06:00 in Lisbon on October 20.

This rounded off a busy and victorious marathon year for him. The 27-year-old Ethiopian won the Riga title in 2:08:51 in May after taking the Castellon crown with 2:08:16 in February.





Best Time


(1st, Lisbon, 2019)